2012 USA Olympics Basketball Team

The 2012 Summer Olympics are only a few weeks away as the whole world awaits this spectacular and much anticipated event. Recently the basketball tournament event has gained unexpected popularity as more stars from the NBA have signed up to be a part of their national teams. The European and South American teams also have a share of their local stars that make the tournament ever more exciting to watch and speculate on.

2012 olympics basketball team in a Chicago party bus

This past weekend, the US basketball team has been finalized to 12 players after 3 were cut from the roster. Stars like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant have undoubtedly been selected to the final roster. There were also newcomers like Andre Iguodala and Blake Griffin who made the final cut. This season, unlike the others in the past, a lot of great potential candidates could not even participate in the selection process because of the injuries. The short and contracted NBA season is partly to blame for that, but overall, the US team seems rather solid.

Unfortunately for all you Chicago fans, although a few tried out for the roster like Taj Gibson, none were selected for the national team. This comes somewhat of a blow to Chicago and especially Derrick Rose who would have certainly made the team and had a dominating performance in London. Stepping out from a Chicago party bus yesterday, Derrick Rose commented that he is hoping to make a comeback and be a part of the experience in the upcoming 2016 Olympics.

Chicago fans were desperately hoping that other members from the Chicago Bulls roster could give them an additional reason to root for the London Men’s Basketball Olympics Team. The fact that Derrick Rose is making a rather swift recovery, has given hope to the Chicago fan base for the upcoming tournaments and the NBA season. In the meantime, Chicago Bulls are coping with the loss to the Philadelphia 76ers in the playoffs by cruising around Chicago in party buses like these and enjoying the magnificent night life that Chicago has to offer in the summer time.


Party Lifestyle of a Rockstar

Unlike most of the people in the world, a rock star’s day starts at night.  Like your typical Twilight werewolf, a rock star comes out haunting the dark corners of the city with his party attitude and a booze-thirsty stomach. And by rock star, I don’t mean the likes of Bon Jovi or Nickelback, but rather the majority of the city-crawlers who love to tune out for an entire weekend that starts on thirsty Thursday nights and ends at 7am in the morning on Sundays.  This phenomenon is driven by dudes and gals who love to have a good time. Their form of relaxation involves extremely loud music, incredibly careless outlook on life, and the unquenchable hunger for all things “awesome”.

Chicago Party Bus Hotties

In the city of Chicago, this has become the norm and there’s no one to blame, simply because there’s nothing wrong with this type of a lifestyle.  After all, we only live once, and should experience all that this world has to offer. And sometimes, sleep and social barriers stand in the way of all that.

Thus the metropolitan cities have certainly adapted to this type of social behavior. Every corner that you turn in Chicago, you see a local pub, a sports bar, or a club that is designed for the modern rock stars.  There are so many drinking and social lounges in Chicago that a party-goer will oftentimes get confused as to which one he or she should visit. Of course, the answer is quite simple – at least five a night.  Bar and club crawling has evolved from an impractical, crazy, and expensive idea, to a full out hobby of many Chicagoans.  In fact, crawling through multiple venues is so popular that one cannot imagine partying at just a single lounge.

The entire city of Chicago has Chicago Party Buses rushing from one street to another, transporting inebriated party folk to all their favorite hotspots.  When your entire weekend is about hitting as many bars as possible, socializing with half your Facebook friend list, and meeting more interesting people than on a VH1 reality show, you cannot accomplish all this by yourself and on foot. An entourage of young and sexy people cruises through the streets of Chicago in their pimped out party buses as each club awaits a flood of rock stars every half hour.

Some who are new to this concept of city life are surprised to find out that all of this is not only incredibly fun, but also quite affordable.  When the city-dweller life with party buses, hot clubs, and young attractive singles becomes the norm, the prices automatically adjust lower.

Chicago Party Bus
Party Bus Chicago
Chicago Limo Bus

The Importance of Limousine Crash Testing

Chicago Limo Bus overviews the importance of Stretch Limo Crash Testing.

Crashed Chrysler just after the test

When a sedan is converted into a limousine, it is very important to check the safety or such vehicle. The braking, steering and suspension systems of a vehicle are all affected when the car is stretched into a limousine. All the systems are affected with bigger loads and have to be maintained regularly.

Crash testing is one of the most important elements which determine the safety or a limousine. A limousine that is build form a sedan is designed to withstand the impact of the crash. However, since its brakes, steering and suspension systems were initially designed as for a sedan rather than a limo, an accident may impact the car in a more significant way. It is because the weight and dimensions of the “converted” car are different. The brakes will take more time to slow the car down since the increase of mass. Steering of a limo becomes more difficult too. Crash testing is the most important part of limo building to test the safety of the vehicle.

Not all limousine builders crash test their limos. That is why Elite Chicago Limo buys and operates only Quality Vehicle Modifier approved limousines and Chicago Limo Buses. Limo Buses are not stretched that is why they do not fall into the category of increased accidents. All of our Stretch Limousines, Chicago Party Buses, and SUVs are QVM certified and ready to serve your needs. You can never be wrong when choosing Chicago party bus or a stretch limo.

Chicago Airport Limousine Service Arrival Instructions

People walking into Chicago O'Hare AirportElite Chicago Limo Bus can often serve airport pick ups at O’Hare without a reservation. However, to make sure you get a limo bus Chicago when you arrive, book in advance. Leave at least 48 hours before arrival for weekday pick ups at the airport and a week for a weekend arrival.

Now, after you make a reservation for the airport pick up decide whet type of a pick up you prefer.

Meet and Greet service: Your chauffeur will come in to the luggage claim area to meet you. However, if you are flying with an international flight, you will be met at the customs baggage claim exit at tha meeting area. The greeter will have a sign with your name on it and will escort you to the vehicle.

Pick up after the phone call: This option may require a working cell phone, but is the fastest way to ge to your vehicle. After receiving your luggage, call our main office number and give the dispath your last name or confirmation reservation number. The dispatcher will direct you to the door and the car will pick you up within 6 minutes.

It is that easy to book with Elite Chicago Limo Bus!

Pretty Lights with Major Lazer at Congress Theatre

Major LazerLooking for a perfect event before New Year’s Eve? Chicago Limo Bus Recommends: Pretty Lights with Major Lazer performance at Congress Theatre December 30, Thursday at 9:00 pm.

This is going to be a mix of Pretty Lights’ electro, organic, soulful, dubby music with Major Lazer’s Electro house, reggae fusion, reggae and hip hop music.

Arrive to this concert in a Limo Bus Chicago. You will have the best pre-party of your life if you will book one of our Chicago Party Buses! Just call (312) 201 1055 and reserve today!


Chicago Limo Bus

A Black Party Bus

Are you planning an event and you have a lot of people coming? You need to transport them all to you event and don’t know why? Sick of driving a car and not drinking? We have a solution for you. You can get an affordable Chicago Limo Bus service in Chicago with Elite Chicago Limo. The Limo Bus will fit anywhere from 10 to 28 passengers at one time in comfort and style.

Chicago Limo Bus is a vehicle that will serve you as your private party space. It is equiped with newest technology and will fit your guests comfortably. It has big leather seats, stripping pole and even a bathroom for your comfort. Also it comes fully stocked with cold drinks, snacks, movies, music videos, and video games. If you need to transport a big group of friends from one place to another or just get a ride around the town, a Limo Bus Chicago is the perfect vehicle for you.

Limo bus is a wonderful choice for Bachelors party, Birthday or any other party. It is a good choice to get Chicago Party Bus for your employees to the airport quickly and in style. Same for High School proms, concerts or your favorite Sporting Games. Everyone can get the luxury they deserve when getting from one place to another.